Dairy Queen🍦 Ig: awk0emily

ew my leg lol
ig: @blondeok

people keep asking how i do my nails; this is how c:






my sister’s mad because a picture of water almost has 50k notes. oh well

i used to get so much hate just because i reblogged this photo once. i must have gotten seven anons in a row bitching about this photo and how my life was meaningless and i was pathetic for REBLOGGING A PHOTO OF WATER. cheesy fries? cool. pizza? fine. water? YOU FAT UGLY BITCH WHY WOULD YOU REBLOG THAT YOU DUMBASS.
personally, i love this photo so i don’t care and it’s water, it’s good for you. this deserves all the notes in the world bc it’s just perf and anon bitches can suck my dick bc i will continue to reblog this delicious water ;)

some people are so stupid
it hurts

Lmfao why would people send you hate for reblogging water are they dumb or

really hate people who think tumblr is only for quotes and “”deep”” pictures, like no its a blogging site therefore you post whatever the fuck you want cause its YOUR blog

reading the comments on this pic i took cracks me up every time